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  • Cement Photos-3If all you see is a little dampness on your block walls or in your new concrete, most probably not. We’ve been in the basement waterproofing business since 1977 and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen these conditions which are not a danger to your home or a sign that your waterproofing system isn’t working. Basement waterproofing systems are designed to  take care of water seepage which is a very different issue. Nobody in the waterproofing industry will tell you they can get rid of dampness … and if anyone does, you may want to consider using another company.

    The first thing a homeowner should do after their new concrete has fully cured is to seal or paint it. This will help stop moisture from wicking to the surface. It’s all in our literature that we leave with you after the job.

    If the dampness continues to concern you, one solution is to install our Diamond Brite Vapor Guard. It works extremely well with our drain tile system for that extra peace of mind.

    As long as you are not getting water seepage, your system is working properly. We recently helped one customer who called to say they were getting seepage after we had installed a system. We sent someone out to look at the problem and found the oddest thing; there was a garden hose sticking through the block foundation! I do not believe I’ve ever seen that before! We took care of that problem and now the entire basement is as dry as we expect it to be.


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  • Battery Backup Sump Pump SystemIf you’re planning to remodel your basement we highly recommend taking care of any water problem you have first. That way you can remodel with full confidence and peace of mind that your investment is protected from water intrusion and damage.

    At this home in Plymouth, Minnesota we not only fixed the water problem but also began the basement renovation by installing two beautiful egress windows. Our crew jackhammered the basement floor 18 inches from the wall and dug a trench sloped toward the sump basket. Then they installed rigid PVC drain tile surrounded by a gravel field that acts as a filter medium to keep dirt out of the system. When the drain tile is installed in this way you don’t ever have to worry about the system plugging up.

    Our homeowner, Jackie, chose two popular options for additional peace of mind. She had us install a battery back-up system, in case the power goes out or the flow of water becomes extreme due toEgress Window Installation unusually heavy rains. Jackie also had us install our buried discharge system so the water discharge pipe wouldn’t be in the way or compete with her landscaping. Finally we installed two code compliant egress window systems.

    How did we do? Jackie gave us 5’s across the board for Quality, Responsiveness, punctuality and professionalism; and went on to say Standard Water provided caring and personal communication along with high quality and workmanship. Her final comment really made us feel good. She said … “I am so happy with the results!” If you have basement remodeling plans, please keep us in mind.

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  • Discharge01Recently, we’ve had one or two misunderstandings regarding discharge pipes that I’d like to clear up. When we install a basement waterproofing system in your home, most often we install two discharge pipes leading from the sump to the exterior of your house. These pipes protrude a few inches from your home. If the weather is warm, we then install the discharge extension pipes. If it is cold, we do not install the extensions as they will freeze. The homeowner is responsible for installing the pipes when things warm up … and then, taking them off for the winter. It’s all right there in our literature, but sometimes folks miss it.

    We are happy to come out and winterize your system or re-install your extension pipes but keep in mind this is not a part of your system installation … it’s a maintenance issue. If you request we make a service call there will be a fee connected to it. Again, we’re more than happy to come help you out but as this regular maintenance is the homeowners responsibility, as spelled out in our literature, we will have to charge you for it.

    As always don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.



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  • Salesmen Photos-4At the beginning of September we installed a basement waterproofing system at a home in Roseville, MN. This was an interesting job as we were replacing an existing system that had a number of problems. First, as you can see, the sump was full of rust. But if you look closer you’ll see an illegal drain at the bottom of that sump. Also, the discharge pipe was made of galvanized metal which can rust and corrode. Not only that but the pipe ran straight up from the sump pit in the middle of the room which is pretty inconvenient to finish around; plus, it was noisy.

    We installed our rigid pvc drain tile, surrounded by washed rock that keeps the dirt out, and put our patented Diamond Drainage Board in place. We then installed our Service Marked Seamless Discharge pipes against the wall to keep them out of the way and allow for easier remodelling. These pipes will never rust, crack or break; there are no seams or fittings to leak; if they ever freeze the pipes are flexible enough to expand with the ice while maintaining their water tight integrity. With our Seamless Discharge you really do have peace of mind.

    Janice, the homeowner was pleased with our crew and, when asked to grade their performance either Good, Fair or Poor actually wrote in Excellent. She gave us 5’s across the board for Quality, Responsiveness, Punctuality and Professionalism and,Installation Photos-9 in her closing comments said Standard Water was … “timely, respectful of me and my property, clean, personable and cost effective.” … and went on to say this was … “a positive experience.” If you have a basement water problem you’d like to talk about – call or email us anytime. We look forward to talking with you.


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  • 01 May 2014

    It Might Be Spring!

    StandardWaterHomeRepairSooner or later it’s gonna warm up. It simply has to. When it does you want to make sure your drain tile system is fully operational. Be sure to re-install your extension pipes, if you have them. Looks like it’s going to be wet this spring so you may want to have us out on a service call to take a look at your pump to ensure it’ll take everything this spring will throw at it.  ~Mike

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