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  • Wall-seepageNot too long ago, we had the pleasure of installing a drain tile system, our Diamond Brite vapor barrier and an egress window for Leslie in Minneapolis, MN. Not only did the home suffer from a wet basement floor but water was wicking through the block walls as well.

    Our solution for problems like these is to install our standard rigid pvc drain tile system using our patented Diamond Drainage Board. We also installed our Diamond Brite vapor barrier on the basement walls to direct waterDiamond-Brite moving through the block into our system. This way all the water can be collected and pumped away from the house via our custom branded Superior Sump System. As always, we installed our seamless discharge pipe that will never crack, break or leak … even if it freezes solid. This way a homeowner can finish their basement with complete peace of mind. The egress window installation went smoothly and looked good too.


    Egress-Window-InstallationSo, how’d we do? Leslie gave us all 5’s for Quality, Responsiveness, Punctuality and Professionalism. She also noted that everything was done as promised and liked the way our crew took care of her things and cleaned up afterwards. If you want to remodel your basement make sure to take care of any water problems first. It’s so much easier to enjoy your new, cozy basement knowing you don’t have to worry about water any more. If you’d like a free , no obligation, estimate, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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  • Happy family in their own home conceptIt always makes us feel good when we know we’ve done a good job for a customer. ~Mike

    From: Wendy – St. Paul, MN

    “The whole crew was terrific. From the guy who came out to give me a quote to the drain tile installers to the cement guys, everyone was incredibly professional and efficient. The guy who gave me the quote didn’t try to pressure me into anything, but gave me all the info and answered my questions. One of the best quote experiences I’ve had. The installation crew was just great. They were mindful of my property and items in the basement. stayed later to clip rusted, steel framing so the cement crew had an easier time. They cleaned up to the point of sweeping the sidewalk and street. Great guys. The cement crew was in and out like lightening and did an outstanding job. They even patched a couple of crappy spots on the floor with extra cement! I highly recommend them.”

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  • 10 June 2014

    Angie’s List Review

    Old folks on the porch.Sometimes, the best solution for a homeowner is not hiring Standard Water Control. There are times when customers are better served through other means. Our representatives are trained to tell the customer when this is the case; which is what happened when our guy, Kevin, visited Anita in St. Paul, MN. Following is her note about the visit posted on Angie’s List.

    “Kevin came out to assess the water damage in our basement and helped us to find a solution. Kevin is phenomenal and trust worthy. He listened to all of the information that I could provide about the problem. We moved into our 1933 house in December and discovered wet, soiled carpet on first thaw around March 30. I had already pulled the carpet back and disposed of the water logged carpet pad. This was the only corner of the basement that had water damage. Kevin assessed a drain that had been installed by the previous owners on the exterior of the home. Even though I was slightly persistent about adding drain tile, Kevin told us it may be overkill because of water only coming in on that area of the basement. He referred me to another contractor that would come and evaluate the exterior drain. I was impressed with Kevin’s honesty and his ability to refer me to another colleague who may be able to fiX my problem for less money. My experience with this company was nothing short of amazing and I’m a little sad that I can’t throw my money at them:) However .. .! will find more fun ways of spending the saved money! Thanks Kevin!”

    Thank you, Anita! (Kevin says “Thanks” too!)


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  • rain on a streetSince 1977 … nearly 40 years … we’ve helped people in about 30,000 homes with wet basement problems. Sometimes we get notes like these and they really make our day.

    From: Ralph – Minneapolis, MN

    “We had our basement work done a couple years ago. This spring we know why we went with you guys. Despite the recent deluges and the neighbors complaints of water in the basement, we are absolutely dry! Thanks again!”

    You’re more than welcome, Ralph, we were glad to be of service.


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  • 72266 Sales-3Every now and again we run across an unusual case, like this one. Here you see the only access to this home’s crawlspace. Actually, that’s not entirely true; there is access from inside the home but you have to move a toilet to get at it … so, for all practical purposes this is the only way in. The size of the opening not only made it difficult to get in and out but also limited the kinds of things you could store in the space. Plus, the utility room, located adjacent to the crawl space, had a water problem that caused the homeowner, Dick, to put his utilities on 8 inch blocks and keep a submersible pump out on the floor since there was no drainage available.

    Due to height restrictions, it was decided we would install the larger access door like we would an egress window. The job required us to hammer up the concrete slab in front of the opening. The 72266 Install-43crew then dug the hole and, using a special diamond-bladed ring saw, enlarged the opening. A bit of foundation repair was necessary to ensure a perfect installation. The opening was framed and the door installed; followed by the window well, which has stepped sides to make access easier.

    Our crew then installed our superior sump system in the floor of the utility room. This installation was a bit different; we didn’t use drain tile to direct water to the sump basket in this small utility room. Instead we drilled holes in the cover to allow water to fill the basket and then be pumped away from the house.

    At the end of the day we had completed an unusual project and the homeowner was pleased. In fact he said we were the best company and crew he’s had on the property. When asked to grade our crew’s performance Good, Fair or Poor he gave us a “Good” and suggested we create a space for Excellent; we get that a lot. For Quality, Responsiveness, Punctuality and Professionalism Dick gave our guys 5’s across the board. And, in his closing comments stated that “it is a pleasure to have the work done by people who can and want to do it right.” If you have a problem that requires a creative solution, give us a call, we’d love to talk with you.

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