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  • Not too long ago we were working at a home in Plymouth, Minnesota. What you’re seeing here is a common type of drain tile installed in many homes. You’re also seeing one of the main reasons we don’t like this kind of
    pipe; minerals have bridged the narrow slots that are supposed to let water into the system and keep your basement floor dry. The other problem is flexible pipe like this goes in like a roller coaster, and you can see why some sections are plugged up and others are bone dry.

    The result? A wet basement.

    We’re often called in to fix the problems created by systems like this. We know just what to do; Standard Water uses rigid PVC drain tile with large holes to prevent the mineral bridging problem. We also take care to slope the pipe down to the sump basin to ensure proper water flow. Now, when our patented Diamond Drainage Board is installed the homeowner can rest assured his water problem is solved once and for all. In this case we also installed an egress window that really complemented the house.

    Darren, the homeowner, gave us a good review with 5’s for Quality, Responsiveness, Punctuality and Professionalism. When asked why he chose Standard Darren said, “I did a lot of research and Standard Water had the best – most complete – solution.” Thanks, Darren; we like to think so! If your current drain tile system isn’t keeping your basement dry … please give us a call … we can help.

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  • The Farmers Almanac is predicting a wetter and colder winter this year. In the meantime, more than one meteorologist is predicting a milder winter compared to last year. Regardless, we’re going to have cold weather and snow in the midwest. Now’s a good time to consider winterizing your basement waterproofing system. Remember, getting your system ready for winter is a homeowners responsibility.

    Here are the correct steps:

    1. To help prevent freezing, remove the discharge extension as close to your home as possible.  Install the diffuser cap from the end of the pipe in its place.
    2. Open your sump basin by removing all 4 bolts.
    3. Check every clamp connection to make sure they are tight and then test the pump by adding water into it until it cycles. Keep in mind the water might need to be 6-8” above the pump before it will cycle.
    4. Replace the batteries in your high water alarm.
    5. If you have a battery backup system, check the water level in the battery.  Add distilled water if necessary.
    6. If you have a free flow discharge with a heat cable, plug it in after the first snow falls.

    There you go! A few simple tips to help you winterize your basement waterproofing system and avoid costly and damaging accidents over the winter.

    If all this is too complicated, contact the experts at Standard Water Control today to handle all your sump pump and back up valve jobs and projects!

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  • 16 October 2014

    Dealing With Radon

  • 14 October 2014

    Case Study: Minneapolis, MN

    For this project we installed a drain tile system, our Diamond Brite vapor barrier and an egress window for Leslie in Minneapolis, MN. Not only did the home suffer from a wet basement floor but water was wicking through the block walls as well.

    Our solution for problems like these is to install our standard rigid pvc drain tile system using our patented Diamond Drainage Board. We also installed our Diamond Brite vapor barrier on the basement walls to direct water moving through the block into our system. This way all the water can be collected and pumped away from the house via our custom branded Superior Sump System. As always, we installed our seamless discharge pipe that will never crack, break or leak … even if it freezes solid. This way a homeowner can finish their basement with complete peace of mind. The egress window installation went smoothly and looked good too.

    So, how’d we do? Leslie gave us all 5’s for Quality, Responsiveness, Punctuality and Professionalism. She also noted that everything was done as promised and liked the way our crew took care of her things and cleaned up afterwards. If you want to remodel your basement make sure to take care of any water problems first. It’s so much easier to enjoy your new, cozy basement knowing you don’t have to worry about water any more. If you’d like a free , no obligation, estimate, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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  • Awesome customer evaluation formWe believe it’s bad business to sell people things they don’t need. This is why we have a policy that requires our representatives to tell a homeowner when they don’t need our services. Here’s one example that demonstrates why we do things this way. This homeowner didn’t need our drain tile system and we didn’t try to sell them one. The goodwill generated by an anonymous post like this on Angie’s List can’t be bought as part of an advertising campaign. It can only be earned by being honest and straight forward with people whether they become customers or not. We’re happy for this to be The Case Study That Never Was.


    “After thoroughly inspecting my basement as asking me about how long I had been in the house and how long it had been since the walls and floors had been painted (20 years or more), he told me that my walls were in excellent condition especially given the length of time since they had been painted by the previous owners. He recommended removal of any loose paint and repainting using DryLock paint. Despite some evidence of water seepage up through the floor around the perimeter, he didn’t thing that the situation was significant and that their drainage system wouldn’t help in my case.

    I really appreciated his honesty for not trying to sell me a drainage system that I didn’t need. For me, this is a hallmark of a great company. I highly recommend them to anyone who thinks that they might have a wet basement problem. I would be very confident that their work would be well done.”

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