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  • 19 February 2015

    SP33 Submersible Pump

  • Not too long ago we were working at a home in Plymouth, Minnesota. What you’re seeing here is a common type of drain tile installed in many homes. You’re also seeing one of the main reasons we don’t like this kind of pipe; minerals have bridged the narrow slots that are supposed to let water into the system and keep your basement floor dry. The other problem is flexible pipe like this goes in like a roller coaster, and you can see why some sections are plugged up and others are bone dry. The result? A wet basement.

    We’re often called in to fix the problems created by systems like this. We know just what to do; Standard Water uses rigid PVC drain tile with large holes to prevent the mineral bridging problem. We also take care to slope the pipe down to the sump basin to ensure proper water flow. Now, when our patented Diamond Drainage Board is installed the homeowner can rest assured his water problem is solved once and for all. In this case we also installed an egress window that really complemented the house. Darren, the homeowner, gave us a good review with 5’s for Quality, Responsiveness, Punctuality and Professionalism. When asked why he chose Standard Darren said, “I did a lot of research and Standard Water had the best – most complete – solution.” Thanks, Darren; we like to think so! If your current drain tile system isn’t keeping your basement dry … please give us a call … we can help.

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  • 12 February 2015

    Case Study: St. Paul, MN

  • Dug out my old, non functional drain tile system and sump pump.

    Replaced with their custom drain tile and sump system. This required a great deal of prep wort on my end, as they had to jack hammer out my existing floor to do the job.

    They did a perfedly professional job, leaving my basement deaner than Ileft it for them, in the time frame they estimated. I’ve been waiting for a huge rain to write this review, and Ihaven’t been disappointed. Since the rains started, I’ve been wearing a groove in my stairs running down them to listen to my new sump pump working away, then running back up the stairs and out the front door to watch my new system dump in the yard. Irs been fascinating and unfailing. II amazes me the amount of water that Iwould be swimming in if not for Standard water Control.

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  • 03 February 2015

    Jackie – Plymouth, MN

    If you’re planning to remodel your basement we highly recommend taking care of any water problem you have first. That way you can remodel with full confidence and peace of mind that your investment is protected from water intrusion and damage. At a home in Plymouth, Minnesota we not only fixed the water problem but also began the basement renovation by installing two beautiful egress windows.

    You can watch the video here.

    Our crew jackhammered the basement floor 18 inches from the wall and dug a trench sloped toward the sump basket. Then they installed rigid PVC drain tile surrounded by a gravel field that acts as a filter medium to keep dirt out of the system. When the drain tile is installed in this way you don’t ever have to worry about the system plugging up.

    Our homeowner, Jackie, chose two popular options for additional peace of mind. She had us install a battery back-up system, in case the power goes out or the flow of water becomes extreme due to unusually heavy rains. Jackie also had us install our buried discharge system so the water discharge pipe wouldn’t be in the way or compete with her landscaping. Finally we installed two code compliant egress window systems.

    How did we do? Jackie gave us 5’s across the board for Quality, Responsiveness, punctuality and professionalism; and went on to say Standard Water provided caring and personal communication along with high quality and workmanship. Her final comment really made us feel good. She said … “I am so happy with the results!” If you have basement remodeling plans, please keep us in mind.

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