Step 3

Cutting The Hole

Sawing a hole through concrete to facilitate the installation of a basement egress window can get messy. In the wrong hands, cleaning the mess left behind can take more time than the entire installation process.

Standard Water’s highly experienced crew uses a specialized diamond-bladed ring saw on the outside of the masonry wall to minimize the mess inside your home.  We then score the inside of the wall with a special jackhammer fitted with a chisel bit.  The blocks are then pounded out with a good old-fashioned maul and a little sweat.

For more than 30 years, the team at Standard Water Control has installed basement egress windows for homeowners in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa and the Dakotas leaving you with a clean, livable and code compliant space.

Learn more about our 5-step basement egress window installation process:

Step 1: Filing the Paperwork | Step 2: Excavation | Step 3: Cutting the Hole | Step 4: Securing the Window | Step 5: Drain Tile Incorporation

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