Foundation Crack Repair

Repairing Cracks in Poured Basement Walls

Standard Water uses cutting-edge carbon-fiber technology developed by Fortress Stabilization Systems to stabilize bowed basement walls and when combined with our state-of-the-art draintile system will eliminate any further movement, cracking and leaking.

Using carbon-fiber kevlar sheet straps in combination with specifically designed epoxies, bowed basement walls are stabilized and arrested with little to no obtrusiveness. The repaired bowed basement wall can then be painted creating an almost invisible repair and increasing the resale value of your home all without disturbing your landscaping.

Foundation repair begins with the homeowner moving any obstructions away from the wall or walls to be repaired.

When it comes to repairing a crack in a poured foundation wall, it is not sufficient to simply fill the crack. You have to consider the nature of the crack and the desired result. Are you trying to prevent water leakage or restore the structural integrity?

First the Standard Water crew identifies the severity of the crack and chooses the appropriate material for repairing it; urethane for keeping water out or epoxy for structural issues. Next the crew grinds the wall down to ensure epoxy adheres properly. Holes are drilled into the crack to allow for the insertion of ports to receive the repair material. Epoxy is then spread across the area to be repaired so no repair material sprays out of the crack when it is injected under pressure to seal off the crack.

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