Step 3

Indoor Preparation

Proper preparation for exhaust pipe placement will ensure your radon mitigation system is installed smoothly. After holes have been drilled, a small jackhammer is used to break up some of the concrete covering the Standard Water Control drain tile system. PVC elbows are used in order to put the exhaust pipe as close to the wall as possible, saving space.

Then, the exposed drain tile is cut to make room for a 3” T connection which will be glued in place. The rest of the indoor assembly is glued in along with replacing the gravel, moisture barrier and cement to give the system a professional finish.  We also seal any opening in the floor such as plumbing openings.  This helps to prevent heat loss and back drafts, and assures we are creating negative pressure beneath the basement floor.

Learn more about our 5-step radon mitigation installation process:

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