Dig Trenches & Protect The Foundation

Our crews take special care to protect your property. We start by putting plywood on your lawn to protect your grass. To protect your flooring, we put runners in high traffic areas.
We also seal off doorways and vents, and cover personal belongings with plastic, before covering the rest of the area with plastic walls to seal it off. We use air scrubbers with Hepa filters and jackhammers equipped with Hepa vacuums to help reduce and eliminate dust.

The foreman will then walk you through the site answering any final questions you may have.

After all questions are answered, we jackhammer around the basement’s perimeter, removing approximately 18 inches of the floor from the wall. The finest equipment is used and our crews pay special attention to ensure the

footing of the foundation is undamaged.

All trenches are dug by hand and sloped toward the sump basket. The dirt and debris are removed via rubber buckets and wheelbarrows and hauled away by our trucks for recycling.

Learn more about our 6-step basement waterproofing installation process:


Dig Trenches & Protect Foundation


Drain Water from Foundation Blocks


Install Rigid Drainage Pipe


Install Patented Drainage Technology


Install Moisture Barrier


Install Superior Sump Pump System

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