Patented Drainage Technology

Our Patented Diamond Drainage BoardTM, installed with every basement waterproofing project completed by Standard Water Control, provides you significant benefits over conventional methods:

  • It facilitates the unrestricted flow of water from the block, across the footing and into the drainage field.
  • It eliminates the concern of sediment blockage in the small openings of tubes and other products.
  • Diamond Drainage Board™ allows for replacement of concrete to the same thickness as the original floor with positive contact to the footing and wall. This will restore the structural strength of your floor and wall.  It also resolves the need for an “open gap” between the floor and wall for moisture barrier installation.

By installing our patented technology with every basement waterproofing system, we help provide peace of mind for homeowners for generations to come.


Dig Trenches & Protect Foundation


Drain Water from Foundation Blocks


Install Rigid Drainage Pipe


Install Patented Drainage Technology


Install Moisture Barrier


Install Superior Sump Pump System

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