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    By 3rdP-ad on June 30, 2015
    It’s always gratifying to know you’ve done a good job that your customer appreciates; like this one from Kevin. You can see more reviews like this here. Standard Water Control Systems was an excellent company to work with. They arrived on the date scheduled, even though it had been made months in advance. It took two days, demolition day and […]
  • 27 May 2015

    Review On Yelp

    Flooded interior


    We always appreciate it when a homeowner takes the time to give us a review. This one comes from Jay in Minneapolis on Yelp.

    “These guys are good, maybe even great.  I initially choked on the price of drain tile and sump pump but after last spring, I knew I needed to do something.  We had them in this spring, 3/4 of the basement floor opened up and drain tile put in.  After some thought, we had them back and had them install the backup pump and battery backup.  Professional, courteous, friendly, and a really nice job.  I would recommend these guys to anyone.  I just noticed their truck down the block and plan on stopping by and thanking them.”

    Glad we could help, Jay! Consider us thanked!



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  • One of our employees was visiting the Consumers’ Checkbook site for another reason and decided to look up Standard Water Control. We’re pretty happy they did because it showed us something interesting. First, we have nearly 4 times the reviews of our nearest competitor and 84% of our customers on the Consumers’ Checkbook recommend our services.

    Thanks to all who recommended our company.


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    It’s a company policy that if a homeowner doesn’t need our services, we tell them. Here’s a case where we helped to solve a water problem, saved a homeowner money and didn’t make a penny ourselves. Why would we do something like this? Read on. The review from this Angie’s List member says it all. ~Mike

    (From: Anita – St. Paul, MN)

    Kevin came out to assess the water damage in our basement and helped us to find a solution.

    Kevin is phenomenal and trust worthy. He listened to all of the information that I could provide about the problem. We moved into our 1933 house in December and discovered wet, soiled carpet on first thaw around March 30. I had already pulled the carpet back and disposed of the water logged carpet pad. This was the only corner of the basement that had water damage. Kevin assessed a drain that had been installed by the previous owners on the exterior of the home. Even though I was slightly persistent about adding drain tile, Kevin told us it may be overkill because of water only coming in on that area of the basement. He referred me to another contractor that would come and evaluate the exterior drain. I was impressed with Kevin’s honesty and his ability to refer me to another colleague who may be able to fiX my problem for less money. My experience with this company was nothing short of amazing and I’m a little sad that I can’t throw my money at them:) However .. .! will find more fun ways of spending the saved money! Thanks Kevin!


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  • Work Completed Date: June 17, 2013

    Hire Again: Yes

    Description Of Work: They installed drain tile and a sump pump

    Member Comments: The service went well. They did and excellent job and were great at explaining everything in great detail. The technicians were courteous and did a great job with the clean up. Scheduling was very easy and they were always on time. The pricing was competitive, but the quality of service was well worth it. I would highly recommend this company to others.

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  • 13 January 2015

    Angie’s List Review

    Homeowner: Amy, Minneapolis, MN

    Date: August 2014

    Description Of Work: Installation of partial perimeter drain tile system with battery backup system.

    Member Comments: Very professional for the estimate to scheduling to completion and follow up. The teams that did the work cleaned up after themselves and were very respectful.

    Hire Again: Yes

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  • We’re always grateful to get good feedback from our customers. Sometimes it comes in the form of a review from Angie’s List. This job was completed in June of 2014.

    “Hire Again: Yes

    Description Of Work: Installed drain tile and sump pump.

    Member Comments: Overall, very pleased with their work. The only thing I wasn’t happy with, which is fairly minor, was the pipes going outside. The first day crew did not sealoff the pipes going out of the house and you could see daylight. Would have been very easy for mice or snakes to crawl through and given we live on a marsh, concerned me to the point that I stuffed a towel into the opening for that night. The cement crew that came out the next day, did close up the hole with caulk from the outside, so all was well.

    Other than that one minor thing, they were great! would still use them again. They cleaned up everything wonderfully, you would never have known they were there! Price was good, we compared them to another company and they came in with a better solution to our water issue and price. So far, with the rain this week, we have not seen any water in our basement and are hopeful that Standard’s solution has fixed out issue!”

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  • Selling someone a product or service they don’t need is bad business. That’s why our representatives are trained to tell homeowners when our solution isn’t right for them. The review from this homeowner tells you everything you need to know. ~Mike

    “Evaluated our house for waterproofing needs due to leaking in basement.

    James was very helpful and professional. He could have sold us on a much larger waterproofing system than we already have, but let us know that the water issues we had were not due to waterproofing needs. We really appreciated his honesty and he even made recommendations on what we can do to that was minor. Everyone on the phone was very helpful too.”

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  • This is an interesting review as it comes from a nice lady who hasn’t hired us yet. We’re gratified to see she didn’t feel pressured by our representative. This is really important to us, we would prefer to deal with a customer that is fully informed and making a decision they feel is in their best interest. Word of mouth is our best advertising, and we’d like to keep it that way. ~Mike

    “August 21, 2014

    Hire Again: Yes

    Description Of Work: The bid was for the whole basement plus the sump pump.

    Member Comments: It would have costed $3700. I just haven’t had the work done. My first impression was really goodI decided not to contract with them at that moment because of personal considerationsIt wasn’t the cost of their work; they were acually pretty on par with some other companies I talked to. They didn’t try to oversell. They came in and it was pretty clear what it would cost. Their bid is not just a quote: that would be the cost. With regard to responsiveness, it took a couple of months. Everybody is getting quotes here. Everybody was several months out: they weren’t the only company.”

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    “After a month of wet vacuuming the basement due lo record rainfalls we needed help. We found Standard and another company on Angie’s List. We also called a local company we had seen a lot of signs for, in the yards of people. whom l assume had used their service.

    Standard, who came to the house last, came out the best in their presentation of what the would do and how they would do it. Downside, they had the highest price by about 10% and were about seven weeks out on starting work. The other company from your list, gave a less adequate explanation of what they would do and was priced about in the middle. They were about 4 weeks out on doing the lob.

    When I asked about some of the things Standard said they would do, they said well we do those things as well we just didn’t mention it. Knowing from past experience, the difference between what a salesmen will say when trying to close a sale and what the workers on site will actually do l lost faith at this point that this was indeed the case.

    The local company had the worst presentation, and the lowest price. When l asked the local about some of the things Standard said they would do, he slated “None of that is necessary, but if l wanted it done. it would cost me more money.” Turned out it was then higher than Standard. Only good thing. he could do the job in two weeks. Strike the local company.

    On the scheduled day, Standard Water Control called early to let us know they would be late due to a scheduling conflict. On arrival the foreman re-explained what and how they would do the job. They wasted no time getting started and when l asked for a completion time estimate, he said about 4 Hrs for their part of the job, it took 3 hr 45mm. including cleanup. This is a two day proœss, Demo and install day one. Concrete finishing early on day one, again about 4 hr. including cleanup.

    If not for the dark color of the new concrete, you would not have known how much work had been done. Every thing that was promised has been done. It looks great and has worked great in the two down pours we have had since it was done. We got what we paid for. l would highly recommend Standard Water Control Systems to any one.”

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