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All About Carbon Kevlar Straps for Foundation Stabilization

Foundation problems are not only common but also a major headache for homeowners. Not only can they cost you a lot of money in repair, but they can also endanger the safety of your home and family. That is why it is incredibly crucial to take preventive measures to avoid costly excavation work with carbon kevlar straps. Carbon kevlar straps are used for foundation stabilization to help prevent any further cracks from forming while strengthening the foundation. 

What are carbon kevlar straps?

Carbon kevlar straps are made up of high-strength carbon fibers and Kevlar which is a type of synthetic polymer. These straps are laid flat and then fortified with a polymer resin. The straps are then bonded to the foundation walls using a specialized epoxy adhesive to prevent any cracking or crumbling. Their significant strength and stiffness allow them to resist even the most powerful forces.

How do carbon kevlar straps help stabilize foundations?

Carbon kevlar straps are used to combat the horizontal soil pressure that pushes against a foundation wall, causing it to crack and shift over time. The installation of these straps involves a careful process where the straps are laid flat along the wall and then secured to the foundation with an epoxy adhesive. They are also known to strengthen the foundation and prevent further damage by increasing the bearing capacity of the soil below.

When should you consider carbon kevlar straps for foundation stabilization?

There are several signs that you should look out for to determine whether you need carbon kevlar straps. If you notice cracks or shifts in your foundation walls, bowing or buckling of walls, or cracks on floors and windows, it’s time to contact an expert for advice. If the problem is left unresolved, it can lead to even more significant issues, including the collapse of your foundation.

How effective are the carbon kevlar straps in stabilizing foundations?

Carbon kevlar straps are among the most effective foundation stabilization solutions available. They are known for their high-strength capabilities and stiffness, which allows them to withstand even the heaviest forces. They have a low startup cost, require very little excavation, and offer quick installation times. Carbon kevlar straps also have a long lifespan, thus giving you peace of mind that your foundation is stable and secure for many years to come.


We use the most advanced foundation stabilization product on the market today–carbon fiber straps from Fortress Stabilization Systems–for the most elegant, least intrusive solution for foundation stabilization. Carbon fiber is stronger than steel. It doesn’t rust or mildew and is not susceptible to alkali deterioration. In the construction industry, carbon fiber technology has replaced old style methods of structural reinforcement for bridge construction, building rehabilitation, foundation reinforcement and more. 

First, our crews make sure the block wall is free of paint and debris. Then we install a device called a “necktie” by bolting it to the rim joist. The necktie is attached over the block so it can be bound to the wall with the carbon fiber strap. Epoxy is applied to the wall and the carbon fiber strap is installed and encased in epoxy. Blocking is added between floor joists to further stiffen the installation. Once the Fortress Stabilization System is installed that wall won’t move again. 

Fortress is the only foundation wall stabilization system with ICC building code certification. Why does ICC certification matter? An ICC-ES approved product can be immediately identified by any code official, home inspector, or bank appraiser as building code approved. The ICC ESR report number identifies the Fortress system as approved by every local building code agency in the United States. This means a Fortress certified product will pass every building code inspection so you can have peace of mind that it’s safe for your home. 

Fortress Stabilization Systems transferable lifetime warranty together with ICC-ES certification will show potential buyers and lending institutions that you installed the best system available if you ever decide to sell your home.


Carbon kevlar straps are an excellent solution for those looking to stabilize their foundation and prevent further damage. This is especially important if you want to remodel your basement. You can fix your foundation problems without breaking the bank using carbon kevlar straps.

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