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3 Considerations When Finishing Your Basement

You’re finally going to finish your basement and you can’t wait to get at it. Here are three things you should consider before starting the project. 

  1. Have you ever had water in your basement? Do you see evidence of water infiltration on the walls or floor? Consider installing a basement waterproofing system to protect the investment you’re making in your lowest level. 
  1. Are you planning to have an office or bedroom downstairs? Then you’ll want to check on your basement windows to ensure they meet code for egress in case of emergency. Plenty of homes have largish basement windows but they don’t open wide enough for an adult to get out or an emergency responder, with all their gear, to get in. 
  1. Test for Radon. If you’re going to have family members living downstairs it’s good to know your radon level. Radon gas can infiltrate your basement through cracks in walls or the floor, and your sump pit, if you have one. Testing is especially important if you add a waterproofing system or egress window as changes to the foundation may result in additional radon entering the home. Standard Water is a Certified Radon Mitigator. We’ve designed our radon system to be highly compatible with our drain tile system providing an extremely efficient way to remove radon from your living space. Even if you don’t have one of our waterproofing solutions, we can help you reduce radon levels in your home.

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