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Superior Sump System

Moving water from where to you don’t want it to where you do want it is the job of Standard Water’s drain tile and sump pump system. Once the water has been redirected to the sump crock (basin) you need a reliable system to collect the water then pump it out of and away from your home.

This is where Standard’s Superior Sump SystemSM comes in. The sump basin (crock) is made from high quality structural grade materials. Our structural Diamond Plate cover has an air tight seal and bolts securely to the basin to prevent radon and other soil gasses from getting into your home. It also helps protect pets and small children.

Inside the sump crock you’ll find our custom branded SP-33, premium grade, totally automatic submersible pump with a check valve. It can move 2700 gallons of water per hour at a 10 foot head and comes with the SP-33 Switch & Controller that sounds an alarm when AC power has failed, a pump or float problem is detected, and more.

As a bonus Standard Water installs, at no extra cost, two discharge pipes that allow you to easily add a battery backup pump system at any time in the future. Even these discharge pipes are special; Standard’s Seamless Discharge System won’t crack or leak – even if it freezes.

As an option, and for your total peace of mind, Standard Water also offers a Battery Backup pump system to make sure you’re protected even if the power goes out.

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