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A New Solution to Foundation Problems

As part of our commitment to provide the best possible service, Standard Water Control is now a certified Grip-Tite® Installer. This means we have another, proven method for dealing with your bowed walls, sinking slabs, sagging floors, foundation settlement and basement wall failure.  

Grip-Tite® has been a leader in earth anchoring products for over 80 years. In the 1920’s and 30’s, Grip-Tite® anchors were used to secure highway guard cables, and then used extensively for guying oil well derricks and oil pipelines.  

Following WWII, Grip-Tite® developed anchors for the rapidly growing rural electrification network of overhead lines. Since that time, Grip-Tite® has been supplying earth anchoring products for overhead electric and telephone lines – serving electric and telephone utilities coast to coast and outside the United States. Today, Grip-Tite® continues as one of the leading earth anchor manufacturers for the electric and telephone industries.  

Grip-Tite® recognized the tremendous need for a product to simply and effectively secure and stabilize cracked and bowing basement walls without replacement of the walls! After an extensive development effort and using a modified anchor Grip-Tite® originally produced for the electric systems of the Island of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean, the Grip-Tite® Wall Anchor System became a reality. Hundreds of thousands of the Grip-Tite® Wall Anchor Systems have been installed and continue to give confidence and peace of mind to the homeowners involved.     Standard Water Control is proud to be associated with a company as well regarded as Grip-Tite®.

Standard Water will continue to offer you the best service and products possible; now and into the future.