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An Award Worth Winning

Speaker 1 (00:21):
I like to welcome everybody here to the beautiful us bank stadium for the 2018 torch awards for ethics today, we’re celebrating some of the best of the best businesses that are in Minnesota and North Dakota. There are over a thousand nominations for this year’s torch award. And so today we’re gonna celebrate the finalists. And certainly the winners who are on top of the heat
Speaker 2 (00:50):
The Torch Awards are exciting because it brings the entire Minnesota and North Dakota business community together.
Speaker 1 (00:55):
It is BBB’s. Great honor to shine the light on 14 amazing businesses who help remind of what’s going on right here in our community. We also have the distinct pleasure to be able to celebrate the student of integrity, scholarship winners who have displayed an impressive understanding of strong character and ethics at a very young age,
Speaker 3 (01:17):
I was like jumping around my house and like telling my parents and they were so excited
Speaker 1 (01:22):
Now I’m kind of giddy, cuz I get to introduce our host for today. Two of my favorites, Jason Matheson, Alexis Thompson, who co-host the Jason and Alexis show on my talk 1 0 7 0.1.
Speaker 4 (01:36):
So we’re gonna celebrate local companies. We’re gonna learn about real things that they do to increase trust and display integrity. And best of all, we get to announce the winners live. So let’s do this. Let’s do it. Yeah. It’s time to introduce our keynote speaker
Speaker 5 (01:49):
Brigadier general, Denny Schulte.
Speaker 6 (01:52):
The better business bureau has high standards of ethics and character and integrity that they encourage all businesses to comply with. That’s very important.
Speaker 7 (02:08):
Thanks so much for your service to our community and to our country we’re
Speaker 4 (02:17):
And the winner is
Speaker 5 (02:19):
Monarch builders and commercial services.
Speaker 8 (02:23):
We have Monarch builder and commercial services are very excited to receive this award. Again, it just, uh, kind of affirms our values, our core values within our business and shows that we’re holding up to those. So we’re very excited and thankful for the award.
Speaker 9 (02:35):
Well, it, it means a lot to me and it means a lot to my employees. Uh, it validates all the hard work that they’ve done.
Speaker 10 (02:44):
This torch award and ethics really represents that this is a company that may not be perfect, but is striving to do something right. It affirms everything that we are doing, but it affirms it from the heart.
Speaker 7 (02:57):
Thank you to all of our team members. Uh, without them working hard every day to enrich lives, we wouldn’t be here
Speaker 11 (03:06):
For all the winners of today’s torch awards. We appreciate and respect all of the work that they’re doing in the community. We hope they can continue to do that and serve as role models. We are so proud of them. It is not an easy award to win. It was hard fought for and we appreciate all of their hard work.

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