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Angie’s List Review

Sometimes, the best solution for a homeowner is not hiring Standard Water Control. There are times when customers are better served through other means. Our representatives are trained to tell the customer when this is the case; which is what happened when our guy, Kevin, visited Anita in St. Paul, MN. Following is her note about the visit posted on Angie’s List.

“Kevin came out to assess the water damage in our basement and helped us to find a solution. Kevin is phenomenal and trust worthy. He listened to all of the information that I could provide about the problem. We moved into our 1933 house in December and discovered wet, soiled carpet on first thaw around March 30. I had already pulled the carpet back and disposed of the water logged carpet pad. This was the only corner of the basement that had water damage. Kevin assessed a drain that had been installed by the previous owners on the exterior of the home. Even though I was slightly persistent about adding drain tile, Kevin told us it may be overkill because of water only coming in on that area of the basement. He referred me to another contractor that would come and evaluate the exterior drain. I was impressed with Kevin’s honesty and his ability to refer me to another colleague who may be able to fiX my problem for less money. My experience with this company was nothing short of amazing and I’m a little sad that I can’t throw my money at them:) However .. .! will find more fun ways of spending the saved money! Thanks Kevin!”