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Annual Coat Donation Drive

hello everyone i’m shannon slatten a crystal company did not let the pandemic stand in the way of organizing a large coat donation drive on friday nine different police departments drove the coats here to dayton they’re destined for the salvation army we’ve done about ten thousand coats probably over the last four years now and it’s it’s just been i guess neat in being able to help people standard water control systems out of crystal has coordinated this effort for four years they coordinate the coat donations out of nine different police departments and then donate those to the salvation army this year they expected to collect a smaller amount of donations than normal but so far that doesn’t look like it’s the case this year has been different in that we couldn’t do a lot of our collections like through the restaurants and 0:53 country clubs some bars places like that 0:55 that we usually will have a box so we relied more on our police departments that help us out and they’ve done an extraordinary job this year on collecting they’ve even turned the coat donation into a bit of a contest awarding a justin morneau signed bat to the department who collects the most coats last year’s winner dayton handed it off to this year’s winner mounds view now if you have a coat to donate and didn’t quite make it here that’s okay there are still opportunities to give back before the weather gets too cold we’ve posted a few of those on our website for you check it out at find more local news stories at and follow us on social media