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Are Your Basement Walls Shifting? Carbon/kevlar Straps are a Great Solution

As homeowners, we all strive to have a safe and secure home for our family. Our foundation supports the weight of the entire house, and when it requires repairs, it can be a cause for concern. There are many foundation repair methods, but carbon kevlar straps are becoming increasingly popular. 

The traditional method of foundation repair involves using steel piers or helical piers to stabilize the foundation. These solutions tend to be expensive. Not only are carbon kevlar straps cheaper than traditional repair methods, but they’re also more durable, and require less maintenance.

They can be used to repair a wide variety of foundation problems, including cracks, bowed walls, and uneven foundations. They are also an excellent solution for difficult-to-reach areas of your foundation, where traditional methods may not work. With a professional installation, carbon kevlar straps can be custom fit to your individual needs.

What Are Carbon/Kevlar Straps?

Carbon/kevlar straps are used to reinforce basement walls, providing extra support to keep them from shifting and cracking. These straps are designed to be incredibly durable, as they are made from strong carbon and kevlar fibers. The straps are installed vertically on the walls and are designed to anchor into the home’s foundation to add extra strength to the walls.

Standard Water installs the best straps on the market from Fortress Stabilization Systems.

What Causes Basement Walls to Shift?

Basement walls can shift due to a variety of factors. One of the most common reasons is changes in soil moisture levels. Soil can expand and contract depending on the amount of moisture it contains, causing unwanted pressure on your basement walls. Additionally, poor construction and soil subsidence can also cause walls to shift. No matter the cause, carbon/kevlar straps are an excellent solution to reinforce and stabilize your basement walls.

How Do Carbon Kevlar Straps Help Stabilize Foundations?

Carbon kevlar straps are used to combat the horizontal soil pressure that pushes against a foundation wall, causing it to crack and shift over time. The installation of these straps involves a careful process where the straps are laid flat along the wall and then secured to the foundation with an epoxy adhesive. They are also known to strengthen the foundation and prevent further damage by increasing the bearing capacity of the soil below.

When should you consider carbon kevlar straps for foundation stabilization?

There are several signs that you should look out for to determine whether you need carbon kevlar straps. If you notice cracks or shifts in your foundation walls, bowing or buckling of walls, or cracks on floors and windows, it’s time to contact an expert for advice. If the problem is left unresolved, it can lead to even more significant issues, including the collapse of your foundation.

The Benefits of Carbon/Kevlar Straps

One of the biggest benefits of using carbon/kevlar straps is that they don’t take up a lot of space. Unlike other methods of repairing basement walls, such as steel beams, these straps don’t require a lot of room to install. Carbon/kevlar straps can also be installed relatively quickly compared to other methods of repair, saving you time and money. Additionally, these straps are designed to resist corrosion, ensuring long-lasting results.

The Installation Process

The installation process of carbon/kevlar straps is straightforward and can be done relatively quickly. First, the walls are prepared by cleaning the surface. Then we install a device called a “necktie”, bolting it to the rim joist. The necktie is attached over the block so it can be bound to the wall with the carbon fiber strap. The straps are fixed in place using high-strength epoxy resin to ensure they adhere securely to the wall. Once installed, your walls won’t move again.

Carbon/kevlar straps are a reliable solution to fix shifting basement walls. With their durability, effectiveness, and ease of installation, they have quickly become the go-to solution for homeowners. If you’re experiencing basement wall cracks or shifting, contact Standard Water Control to assess the situation and determine if carbon/kevlar straps are a viable solution for your home.

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