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Are Your Basement Walls Shifting? Carbon/kevlar Straps are a Great Solution

Your home’s foundation is vital to the structural integrity of the entire building. If you notice your basement walls shifting, it’s crucial to address the issue as soon as possible. Shifting basement walls could indicate a foundation issue that may become more severe over time. Carbon/kevlar straps are a proven solution that can help stabilize your basement walls and improve the overall structural soundness of your foundation. And a stable foundation offers peace of mind.

What is Carbon/Kevlar?

Carbon Kevlar is a high-performance, hybrid material that consists of carbon fibers and Kevlar fibers woven together. It is a lightweight and durable material with excellent tensile strength. Carbon Kevlar straps have been used in aerospace, marine, and automotive industries for decades. Carbon/kevlar straps are used to repair parking garages and bridges.

How Carbon Kevlar Straps Work:

Carbon Kevlar straps help stabilize basement walls by transferring the load of the wall to the foundation. The straps are installed vertically along the length of the wall, and epoxy is applied to secure them. The straps are then tightened to apply pressure to the wall, which helps prevent further movement. Carbon/kevlar straps are an effective foundation repair solution that can stabilize your basement walls and improve the overall structural strength of your home.

Benefits of Carbon/Kevlar Straps:

Carbon/kevlar straps offer several advantages over other foundation repair solutions, including:

1. Cost-Effective: Carbon Kevlar straps are an affordable solution compared to other foundation repair methods.

2. Non-Invasive: Installing Carbon Kevlar straps is non-invasive and does not require extensive excavation or damage to your property.

3. Quick Installation: Installing Carbon Kevlar straps is a quick and efficient process that can be completed in a day or two, depending on the size of the job.

4. Long Life Expectancy: Carbon Kevlar straps have a long life expectancy and require little maintenance over time.


Standard Water uses the most advanced foundation stabilization product on the market today–carbon/kevlar straps from Fortress Stabilization Systems–for the most elegant, least intrusive solution for foundation stabilization. Carbon fiber is stronger than steel. It doesn’t rust or mildew and is not susceptible to alkali deterioration. In the construction industry, carbon fiber technology has replaced old style methods of structural reinforcement for bridge construction, building rehabilitation, foundation reinforcement and more. 

First, our crews make sure the block wall is free of paint and debris. Then we install a device called a “necktie” by bolting it to the rim joist. The necktie is attached over the block so it can be bound to the wall with the carbon fiber strap. Epoxy is applied to the wall and the carbon fiber strap is installed and encased in epoxy. Blocking is added between floor joists to further stiffen the installation. Once the Fortress Stabilization System is installed that wall won’t move again.

Fortress is the only foundation wall stabilization system with ICC building code certification. Why does ICC certification matter? An ICC-ES approved product can be immediately identified by any code official, home inspector, or bank appraiser as building code approved. The ICC ESR report number identifies the Fortress system as approved by every local building code agency in the United States. This means a Fortress certified product will pass every building code inspection so you can have peace of mind that it’s safe for your home. 

Fortress Stabilization Systems transferable lifetime warranty together with ICC-ES certification will show potential buyers and lending institutions that you installed the best system available if you ever decide to sell your home. 


If you notice that your basement walls are shifting or cracking, it is crucial to address the issue as soon as possible. Carbon Kevlar straps are an effective foundation repair solution that can stabilize your basement walls and improve the overall structural soundness of your home. Contact a professional foundation repair company to assess your basement wall problems and explore the benefits of Carbon Kevlar straps. Investing in stabilizing your foundation could save you thousands of dollars in future repairs and help protect the value of your investment for years to come.