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Basement Flooding: This Year It’s Inevitable

I was talking with a friend in Iowa today about the amount of snow in our respective front yards. We kept remarking about how this winter reminds us of our youth, the snow forts, the skiing, tobogganing.

These days, of course, we have a more … adult perspective. I mentioned this spring I expected a lot of good folks would be suffering with very wet basements.

He said … “I hadn’t really thought of it that way before. From your point of view all this snow must look like a ticking time bomb.”

In a way, he’s right. All that moisture has to go somewhere. I expect to see flooding in river valleys and streams this spring. I also expect to see some flooding in leaky basements all over the midwest.

If you have a waterproofing system installed in your basement, it’s not too soon the start thinking about how you’ll make sure it’s operational when the flooding starts.

If you don’t have a system you can do two things; 1. start putting your furniture up on blocks or 2. have your wet basement problem fixed before you have a mess to clean up.

If you decide to fix the problem, we’d be honored to be considered. Contact us today.