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Battery Backup System – For Extra Peace Of Mind

No matter how good your water control system is, it’s useless without a superior sump system. The pump is the heart of the system. And if it doesn’t work, your basement will flood. Inside Standard Water’s Superior Sump System you’ll find our exclusive SP 33, 1 third horsepower submersible pump, capable of pumping 2,770 gallons of water per hour at a 10 foot lift. The pump includes the SWC 2 deluxe dual controller, and a check valve, which only allows water to flow out of the system. The SWC 2 has two float sensors that back each other up as well as a computer that will alert you to an issue with the pump to help ensure your peace of mind. Our sump pump comes with the longest warranty in the industry three years, and as a bonus standard water installs at no extra cost, two discharge pipes that allow you to easily add a battery backup pump system at any time in the future. The reason you want dual discharge pipes is to allow for additional pumping capacity. Some contractors will install a backup pump that discharges into the same pipe as the primary, which offers some protection, but it doesn’t offer extra water carrying capacity for the system. Even our discharge pipes are special. Standard’s Service Marked Seamless Discharge System won’t crack or leak, even if it freezes. As an option, and for your total peace of mind, standard water also offers a battery backup sump pump system to make sure you are protected, even when the power goes out. The basin and our diamond plate cover are both made from high quality structural grade materials. The cover is airtight and bolted securely to the basin to prevent radon and other soil gasses from getting into your home. It also helps protect pets and small children. Oh, and one last thought here, you should have your sump pump checked regularly. This way you can avoid a nasty surprise when your old pump fails. Standard water is more than happy to check and service any sump pump on the market, regardless of who installed it. We’ve been there for our customers since 1977, and we’ll be there for too.

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