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Case Study: Difficult Installation

Every now and again we run across an unusual case, like this one. Here you see the only access to this home’s crawlspace. Actually, that’s not entirely true; there is access from inside the home but you have to move a toilet to get at it … so, for all practical purposes this is the only way in. The size of the opening not only made it difficult to get in and out but also limited the kinds of things you could store in the space. Plus, the utility room, located adjacent to the crawl space, had a water problem that caused the homeowner, Dick, to put his utilities on 8 inch blocks and keep a submersible pump out on the floor since there was no drainage available. Due to height restrictions, it was decided we would install the larger access door like we would an egress window. The job required us to hammer up the concrete slab in front of the opening. The crew then dug the hole and, using a special diamond-bladed ring saw, enlarged the opening. A bit of foundation repair was necessary to ensure a perfect installation. The opening was framed and the door installed; followed by the window well, which has stepped sides to make access easier. Our crew then installed our superior sump system in the floor of the utility room. This installation was a bit different; we didn’t use drain tile to direct water to the sump basket in this small utility room. Instead we drilled holes in the cover to allow water to fill the basket and then be pumped away from the house. At the end of the day we had completed an unusual project and the homeowner was pleased. In fact he said we were the best company and crew he’s had on the property. When asked to grade our crew’s performance Good, Fair or Poor he gave us a “Good” and suggested we create a space for Excellent; we get that a lot. For Quality, Responsiveness, Punctuality and Professionalism Dick gave our guys 5’s across the board. And, in his closing comments stated that “it is a pleasure to have the work done by people who can and want to do it right.” If you have a problem that requires a creative solution, give us a call, we’d love to talk with you.

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