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Case Study: Saint Paul, MN

We recently ran into a very unusual situation in St. Paul, Minnesota. These pictures show an exposed footing that actually extends 6 inches above the basement floor. A previous system had been installed that directed water–via tubes–across the footing, down its face and into an open gap to be directed to the sump basket. Due to holes in the exterior of the foundation walls mud was infiltrating the system and plugging things up.

The best solution in this case was to employ delta drainage board, like this, so we could capture the water from the holes in the block, direct it into the rigid drain tile under the floor and down to our superior sump systemwhere it could be pumped away from the house. This also meant we had to repair the holes in the exterior walls to keep the dirt and water out in the first place. When faced with an unusual situation like this we often have to employ solutions you don’t typically see. Such is the case here, as we had to flush the block of any remaining dirt and mud to ensure proper drainage.

Our crew excavated around the problem area all the way down to the footing which required taking up a portion of the sidewalk. They patched the holes, added primer and a rubber membrane to prevent moisture from getting in. Delta drainage board was then installed to protect the membrane. The soil was replaced, carefully tamped and the new sidewalk installed. Now this homeowner has true peace of mind knowing their basement will be dry and their water control system will run clean and clear for many years to come. Unusual problems are no problem for Standard Water … please don’t hesitate to call if your have thoughts or questions. Thanks for watching.