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Case Study: St. Paul, MN

What you’re looking at is one of the more extensive projects we’ve seen in the last year or so–a basement in Saint Paul, Minnesota. As you can see, the entire basement floor was cracking and crumbling, allowing water into the basement in many places.

In this case, we had to remove the entire basement floor to address the problem. Complicating matters, there were several support posts in the basement that we had to replace one at a time as we worked across the basement floor, so as to not compromise the structural integrity of the upper floors of the house.

Once the old concrete was all taken up, we laid down Delta Drainage Board. Building code requires the use of a vapor barrier under cement slabs in homes. We use Delta Drainage Board for these sorts of installations because it leaves a gap for water and air communication underneath the slab, which allows water to move sideways under the slab and also facilitates better air movement in the case that a radon mitigation system is needed.

At this home, we worked for about 3 days from start to finish, leaving the homeowner with a brand-new basement floor that should keep their basement dry for many many years to come.

Standard Water has over 35 years of experience tackling all kinds of basement water problems. If you have a basement water problem–no matter the size–please give us a call. We can help.