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Emergency in Oakdale, MN

A few weeks ago one of our crews encountered something we’d never seen before and one of our crew members helped make a major difference for a man who wasn’t even a customer.

The crew was on site at a home in Oakdale, MN when a neighbor suffered a heart attack. The man was using a slit seeder on his property and, as he fell, the equipment came down on top of him. His wife couldn’t lift it and came over to our customers house for help.

The crew moved the slit feeder and one of the guys, Danny, administered CPR until the ambulance arrived. The man was in a coma for a few days and doctors were worried about potential brain damage due to lack of oxygen. Today, he is home with new stents and a pacemaker and our customer, Karen, says he’s doing really well.

Karen’s basement is doing really well too. In fact she says … “Everything’s perfect.” Her problem was interesting because the basement moisture problem wasn’t a large volume of water rather, it was just enough to keep her from finishing that lower level.

Karen thought she had found a solution and finished the basement only to discover the fix hadn’t taken care of it and there was still enough moisture to make the floors warp. Karen contacted us and we installed a drain tile system with our patented Diamond Drainage Board and service marked Superior Sump System.

The basement is all back together now and, even after all the wet weather, Karen hasn’t had a bit of trouble.

I’m really proud of our crew for handling the situation the way they did and am grateful that Danny was there to apply his CPR skills at such a critical time. Nice job guys.