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Foundation Damage: Respond Early, Save Money

If someone told you that by spending $4 or $5 today, you could prevent $20,000 in future expenses, you’d think it was a pretty good deal right?  When it comes to foundation damage and repair, more often than you’d ever believe this is actually quite true.  What starts as a simple fissure or dislodged downspout can rapidly turn into a massive foundation crack or at worst, an entire split and shift which can  ruin an entire home.

Water damage and the soil erosion that water damage can cause are the main offenders when it comes to foundation cracks.  A main component in avoiding the cracks in the first place is a proper basement waterproofing plan.   If left unchecked and unfixed, cracks that appear first on walls can rapidly spiral out of control.  Other tell-tale signs you are in need of serious foundation repair are moisture in your basement or crawlspace where there wasn’t any before, misaligned doors and windows or uneven flooring.

Once a problem is spotted, early action is the key to saving money in the long run.  While many cracks are superficial and pose absolutely no threat to the integrity of your foundation, some are dangerous and must be treated as such.  There are a multitude of solutions to fix everything from the smallest crack to the largest split and at Standard Water Control we choose to use Carbon Fiber Straps from Fortress Stabilization Systems for all foundation repairs.  The straps are stronger than steel beams and don’t leave behind any obstructions. If you’re starting to notice small cracks, doors that don’t line up as they once did or uneven flooring, do not hesitate to call in the experts today. 

Remember, what might be an extremely tiny fix today might blossom into the most expensive home repair you could ever have.  Don’t let it get to that point!   If you’re ready to take the next step to protect your business or your home, contact foundation repair expert Standard Water Control for more information today!