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How to Deal with Bowing Basement Walls

One of the foundations of a well-built home is a sturdy  basement. However, over time, your basement walls may start showing signs of distress. If you’ve noticed some bowing or bulging in your basement walls you should address it immediately. 

It’s important to know the cause of your bowing basement walls. It could be a combination of factors like pressure from soil and/or water, or age-related issues. If it’s a minor issue, simply filling the cracks and reinforcing the basement walls from within may be enough to keep your home safe. Standard Water can help with that.

One of the most effective ways to deal with bowing basement walls is by reinforcing them and there are several solutions to choose from. Standard Water uses carbon/kevlar straps from Fortress Stabilization Systems to keep your foundation from moving. Carbon/kevlar straps are used in bridge and parking garages to repair and reinforce those structures, and have been used to reinforce residential foundations for years.

Bowing basement walls can also occur due to inadequate waterproofing around the foundation. It’s essential to keep the basement dry to prevent untoward incidents. It wouldn’t hurt to invest in a proper drainage system to ensure water is moved away from the foundation. Standard Water’s basement waterproofing system with its patented Diamond Drainage Board is an excellent solution.

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