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How We Improve Your Crawlspace

If you have a crawlspace that’s unusable because it’s damp, dark, dirty, and full of creepy crawlies, Standard Water has the solution. We offer Crawlspace Encapsulation services. With our service marked Diamond Brite Vaporguard, we can turn this unusable space into a dry, usable crawl space, protecting your family’s health and giving you more usable storage space. We level the floor, install our ridgid drain tile system, lay down a bed of washed rock to facilitate drainage, install our service marked Superior Sump System and seal up the crawl space with Diamond Brite Vapor Guard and heavy duty adhesives to ensure an airtight seal. Diamond Brite Vapor Guard is puncture resistant and meets fire codes, and ads light to a formerly dark and dingy crawl space. “There’s no earthy smell down there anymore. Not only, again, is that space usable but it’s light and airy there’s no spiders, there’s no cobwebs, there’s no critters in there. And definitely usable space.”