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Installing A Basement Waterproofing System

Installing interior drain tile systems is a dirty, dusty job and Standard Water takes steps to minimize the impact on you and your home. Doorways and vents are sealed with plastic, air scrubbers with hepa filters are used to help keep dust down. We put plywood on your grass, use rubber buckets to move debris, and cover anything left in the basement with plastic.

Crews jackhammer the concrete around the perimeter of the basement, dig a trench that slopes down to the sump basin, and pour washed rock into the bottom of the trench to keep the draintile off the dirt preventing any dirt or mud infiltration. The crew installs the draintile and covers it with more washed rock to act as a drainage and filter medium. 

Our patented Diamond Drainage Board is installed to facilitate the free flow of water over the footing and into the drainage field. A plastic moisture barrier is laid in to prevent moisture from wicking up through the concrete and to keep the concrete out of the drainage field. 

We install an industrial grade sump pump and two of our service marked Seamless Discharge pipes guaranteed to never leak or break. The second discharge pipe is there to provide for additional pumping capacity in case you ever want to install a back up system. 

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