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Money Well Spent On A Battery Backup System

Kathy, St. Louis Park, MN

A little while ago a storm rolled through the Twin Cities area and knocked out power to quite a few homes. Our customer, Kathy, from St. Louis park was without power for a pretty short time … about 7:30pm to 8:30am the next day.

During previous storms Kathy found herself bailing as fast as she could when the power would go out. This time was different. All the other homes in her neighborhood flooded but Katy’s basement stayed nice and dry because she had a battery backup system installed. She gave us a call to remind us that, while she really hated to spend the money on a backup system in the beginning, she now thinks it was money very well spent.

It makes us feel good to have customers call in after a big storm (and we’ve had quite a few this year) to say they are happy they decided to have us install a basement waterproofing system, battery backup system or a new discharge system in their homes. Kathy even has us come out once a year to inspect her sump pump and backup.

What can we say? We’re glad to be of service.

Thanks, Kathy!