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Our Superior Sump System™

A sump system is a must-have. It helps to keep your basement dry by collecting and pumping water away from your foundation. However, with the many options available on the market, it can be challenging to choose the best sump system for your needs. Fortunately, Standard Water Control has introduced our ™Superior Sump System that stands out from the rest. 

Unlike traditional sump pumps that use a single pump, this system has two pumps, one primary and one backup. This design ensures that even if one pump fails, the other pump will kick in and keep your basement dry. It also comes with a battery backup, it can continue working even during power outages.

The ™Superior Sump System is designed to work efficiently, saving you time and money. It uses a unique float switch ensuring the pumps only turn on when water levels reach a specific height. This feature ensures the system does not waste energy or run unnecessarily, leading to long-lasting battery life and lower energy bills.

Standard Water’s ™Superior Sump System provides peace of mind. The system is equipped with an alarm that sounds when water levels reach a high level, ensuring you’re always aware of its operation.

With the Standard Water Control ™Superior Sump System, you get more than just a sump pump. You get an innovative, durable, and efficient system that ensures your home’s safety and adds value to your property. Contact us today for more information.