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Our Superior Sump System Is The Heart Of Your Installation

A quality sump system is the heart of an effective basement waterproofing system. It’s essential for keeping your home safe from flooding and water damage. It should be strong enough to handle large amounts of water and have multiple levels of protection so that it will work during power outages or other emergencies. More importantly, it should also be reliable and efficient so that it will last for many years with minimal maintenance required. In our Superior Sump System, the basin and our Diamond Plate cover are both made from high quality structural grade materials. The cover is airtight and bolted securely to the basin to prevent soil gasses from getting into your home. It also helps protect pets and small children. Inside you’ll find a premium grade, totally automatic submersible pump with a check valve that only allows the water to flow out from the pump. This pump can move 2770 gallons of water per hour given a ten foot lift from the basement to the discharge pipe. As an option, We also offer a Battery Backup system to make sure you’re protected even if the power goes out. Our backup pump moves almost as much water as the main pump, 2400 gallons per hour at a ten foot lift. Contact us today for a free, no obligation consultation.

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