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Peace of Mind in St. Paul, MN

The kind of work we do involves a lot of mess, dirt and dust; we are acutely aware this is a pain point for homeowners and our crews work diligently to leave your home in the same condition they found it — except for the water you don’t want or the new egress window you do want. Such is the case with a job we did recently for Kathleen in St. Paul. 

Her comments were telling … 

“When I left my house I was honestly a little afraid to come back home when the work was finished. I anticipated a huge mess. I couldn’t believe that they left my basement cleaner than when they started.”

“They took great care with lawn, yard, windows and best of all carpet!”

She gave us top marks across the board but the best part was Kathleen gave us a couple of tips that would have made her experience even better. 

1. In our initial bid we noted there was no electrical outlet at the site of the sump pump. She didn’t understand, and we didn’t make clear, this would have to be installed and it was her responsibility. We’ll be careful to point this out in the future.

2. The inspection process did not go very smoothly and we didn’t let her know when the inspector did come by during a time when she was out. Again, this is great feedback and we’ll work with our crew foremen to make sure information like this is communicated clearly and in a timely manner.

Thanks Kathleen, we appreciate the kind words and great feedback. -mike