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Protect Your Home and Family Against Radon with These Simple Steps

Radon is a carcinogen, which is harmful, especially if one is exposed for a prolonged period. A study attributed 21,000 deaths yearly to radon-related lung cancer. It’s essential to protect your family by taking measures to reduce its level in your home. 

Radon levels differ from one home to another. Fortunately, there are test kits readily available to check your home. You can get a free radon test kit from Standard Water Control. The test kit comes with instructions on how to perform it. 

Radon gas can find its way into your home through small cracks or holes. Such openings could be in your walls, floors and foundations, and even windows and doors. Identifying and sealing any gaps or cracks in your foundation and/or walls can be a good way to reduce the levels of radon in your home. 

Proper ventilation allows air to circulate inside a home, sweeping away pollutants and diluting radon levels. There are several ways to ventilate your home, including opening windows and doors, using bathroom and kitchen fans, or by having a professional install a ventilation system. 

If you’ve tested your home’s radon levels and find out they are too high, don’t panic. Consider hiring a radon mitigation professional. These experts can help reduce your home’s radon levels effectively. The specialist will evaluate your situation and provide a customized mitigation system that fits your home’s needs. 

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