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Quick Reminder To Our Customers About Discharge Pipes

Recently, we’ve had one or two misunderstandings regarding discharge pipes that I’d like to clear up. When we install a basement waterproofing system in your home, most often we install two discharge pipes leading from the sump to the exterior of your house. These pipes protrude a few inches from your home. If the weather is warm, we then install the discharge extension pipes. If it is cold, we do not install the extensions as they will freeze. The homeowner is responsible for installing the pipes when things warm up … and then, taking them off for the winter. It’s all right there in our literature, but sometimes folks miss it.

We are happy to come out and winterize your system or re-install your extension pipes but keep in mind this is not a part of your system installation … it’s a maintenance issue. If you request we make a service call there will be a fee connected to it. Again, we’re more than happy to come help you out but as this regular maintenance is the homeowners responsibility, as spelled out in our literature, we will have to charge you for it.

As always don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.