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How To Install A Radon Mitigation System

Standard Water has installed Radon Mitigation Systems in hundreds of homes, designing and installing systems with the right suction points, pvc, fan size, and alarms that meet code and, most importantly, reduce radon levels. A Standard Water representative will meet with you to determine where the radon system will be installed. Holes are drilled in the wall, soffit and roof to provide access for the exhaust pipe. The exhaust pipe is pushed up through a boot at least one foot above the roofline to ensure any downdrafts won’t force radon gas into open doors or windows. The other end of the exhaust pipe connects to the fan housing, then the whole unit is secured to the exterior wall. A vacuum monitor is installed indoors. It’s used as a visual check to ensure the fan is working. Standard Water Control is certified by NEHA as a residential mitigation provider. We’re licensed, bonded and insured. Standard Water is the best Radon Mitigation Company in Minneapolis and the entire Minnesota and western WI area. If you are looking for a company to install a radon mitigation system, contact Standard Water today for a free, no obligation consultation.