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Reduce Moisture In Your Home With This System

Humidity and Dampness

Q: I have damp walls and high humidity. I thought drain tile would solve this problem.

A: Drain tile is designed to control actual water not dampness, condensation, or humidity. See the back of our contract regarding warranty information.

Q: What can I do to solve the problems like dampness, condensation, and/or humidity?

A: First try a dehumidifier. It’s important to note they only remove 60 pints a day and can be expensive to operate. Standard Water has commercial dehumidifiers available that are more energy efficient, cost less to operate, and take out 110 pints per day. See the RESOURCE section of our website at

Q: Are there other options?

A: Yes, a study by the UofM found sub-slab depressurization systems like our Sub-slab Soil Exhaust System is recommended when combined with our drain tile system to help reduce humidity and dampness. See the report from the UofM in the RESOURCE section of our website.

Q: How does the Sub-slab Soil Exhaust System work? 

A: A three inch pvc pipe is attached to our drain tile system and run up the basement wall to a location in your attached garage or on the outside of your home. The system employs a continuously running fan to draw the damp, moist air from under the floor and out of your foundations blocks to be expelled above your roof line

Q: Is the fan noisy? What does it cost to run the system?

A: The fan is very quiet and the cost is approximately $3.00 per month to operate. Much cheaper than a dehumidifier.

Q: Is there any maintenance on the system?

A: No. The fans are warrantied for 5 years and in most cases last 10 to 15 years. Just check the ‘U Tube’ once a month. If the fluid in the ‘U Tube’ is level that means the fan is not working. Just call Standard Water Control for service at 800-978-7867. For more information about the fan, visit the RESOURCES section of our website at