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Review From An Angie’s List Member Charles – Isanti, MN

“After a month of wet vacuuming the basement due lo record rainfalls we needed help. We found Standard and another company on Angie’s List. We also called a local company we had seen a lot of signs for, in the yards of people. whom l assume had used their service.

Standard, who came to the house last, came out the best in their presentation of what the would do and how they would do it. Downside, they had the highest price by about 10% and were about seven weeks out on starting work. The other company from your list, gave a less adequate explanation of what they would do and was priced about in the middle. They were about 4 weeks out on doing the lob.

When I asked about some of the things Standard said they would do, they said well we do those things as well we just didn’t mention it. Knowing from past experience, the difference between what a salesmen will say when trying to close a sale and what the workers on site will actually do l lost faith at this point that this was indeed the case.

The local company had the worst presentation, and the lowest price. When l asked the local about some of the things Standard said they would do, he slated “None of that is necessary, but if l wanted it done. it would cost me more money.” Turned out it was then higher than Standard. Only good thing. he could do the job in two weeks. Strike the local company.

On the scheduled day, Standard Water Control called early to let us know they would be late due to a scheduling conflict. On arrival the foreman re-explained what and how they would do the job. They wasted no time getting started and when l asked for a completion time estimate, he said about 4 Hrs for their part of the job, it took 3 hr 45mm. including cleanup. This is a two day proœss, Demo and install day one. Concrete finishing early on day one, again about 4 hr. including cleanup.

If not for the dark color of the new concrete, you would not have known how much work had been done. Every thing that was promised has been done. It looks great and has worked great in the two down pours we have had since it was done. We got what we paid for. l would highly recommend Standard Water Control Systems to any one.”