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Straight A’s

It’s always nice to know you’ve met a customers expectations and we’re always proud when someone thinks enough of us to write a review of our work. Such is the case here with some good folks in Forest Lake, Minnesota. -Mike

“The experience was the best I have ever had working with a contractor.  I had multiple quotes and was able to find other companies that could do the work earlier but at the end of the day, I knew that I would be paying a similar price for a sub-par product.  Here is what sets SWC apart from other companies.

  • They have a patented diamond board designed to allow water to flow behind it while still providing structural integrity.
  • They use large rigid PVC with holes that will not clog all sloped towards the sump well.
  • They drill large holes in every void including seams/corners.
  • They use a high quality, sealed sump well and pump.
  • They install piping for the future backup pump installed just in case.
  • Lifetime transferable warranty compared to limited or non existant.

In addition to the above points, SWC has dedicated crews for the drain tile and concrete work.  On the first day, they stop out with two huge dump trucks with everything they need.  They cover everything they can with plastic and cover the walking path in the lawn with plywood.  They already had all of the materials layed out and were beginning to prep the basement during the 5 minute conversation I had with the foreman.  They also opened up the concrete for me to replace the existing floor drain.

The second day, the concrete crew stopped out and poured the concrete and finished the job.  The installation was very high quality and well worth it.  When I received the quote, I cringed at the cost but I know I would be completely disappointed had I gone with one of the other contractors just because they could complete the job a little faster.  The competitors used cheap builder grade materials, didn’t seem to have any where near the expertise and provided no warranty at a comparable price.

There is a reason SWC is booked sometimes for months at a time!!  Thankfully they were able to move me up a bit but I’m glad I waited a month.”