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Stuffed Toys For Robbinsdale Police

0:00the Robinsdale police department

0:01receives some cute and cuddly donations

0:04that could help kids in a tough

0:06situation oh look at this this is guy

0:13robbinsdale police chief jim Frandsen

0:15had some fun showing off the new plush

0:17toys standard water control systems in

0:20Crystal donated about 50 stuffed animals

0:22which officers will hand out to children

0:25who are caught in the middle of

0:26stressful situations can I help them

0:30relax a little bit let their guard down

0:32a little bit even just have something to

0:34hold and to hang on to something that

0:35saw something that’s colorful that just

0:38changes their whole attitude right there

0:39and it just it helps them calm down a

0:41little bit and again it just gives them

0:43something to to hold and take care of

0:46thanks to this donation no robbinsdale

0:48cheap says his department has enough

0:50stuffed animals for the time being