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The Ingenious Solution to Water Management: A Buried Discharge System

In the quest to maintain the integrity of our homes and the beauty of our landscapes, managing excess water efficiently is paramount. The innovative approach by Standard Water Control’s buried discharge system offers a seamless and effective solution to this challenge. 

How Does It Work?

At its core, the Standard Water Control’s buried discharge system is designed to tackle the issue of diverting water away from your property, ensuring your home’s foundation remains stable and dry. Here’s a step-by-step look at its operation:

  1. Collection: The system begins its work at the sump basin where water is collected to be pumped outside your home.
  2. Discharge: Once collected, the water is pumped into the system’s buried discharge pipe which carries the water away from your foundation. 
  3. Destination: The final step in the process involves moving the water  a safe distance from your home, ensuring it doesn’t find its way back to your foundation. 

Key Benefits of Standard Water Control’s Buried Discharge System

1. Reduces Risk of Basement Flooding

2. Preserves Landscape Aesthetics

3. Low Maintenance

Standard Water Control’s buried discharge system offers an innovative and effective solution for managing excess water. Its seamless operation protects your property from potential damage and preserves the beauty of your landscaping. 

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