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We Believe In Being A Good Citizen [video]

Standard Water Control believes it’s not enough to just do great work for our customers. We also give back to our community. Standard Water’s President and his wife have been long time supporters of the Como Zoo, the last free zoo in the country. At a fundraising auction for the zoo, they bid on and won an item. The auction item in question? An opportunity to rappel down the Ecolab tower in downtown Saint Paul… …for Mike. Here you can see Mike facing his fear of heights head on to support community organizations that he believes in!

here it is friday the 13th i’m here to

0:02support to my favorite charity it’s

0:03Takoma Park Zoo and Boy Scouts Friday

0:08the thirteenth would be rappelling from

0:10this building my wife bought me this

0:13ticket got she thought it was a good

0:15idea at the Como Zoo we auction an

0:19auction-style in action it should be fun

0:22we’re looking for doing alright just

0:26stepping out now our next propeller

0:30Michael Hogan said this is his wife

0:35heavys idea she thought it would be a

0:39good idea for him to rappel down the

0:41side of a 300-foot building on Friday

0:43213 all right here comes Michael


0:51Michael is the president of standard

0:54water control systems a basement

0:56waterproofing company here at the Twin

0:58Cities his ticket was actually bought

1:00for him by his wife at a fundraiser for

1:02homos oh really proud to support ensue

1:06and the Northern Star hostel boy scouts

1:08and the reason michael has chosen to do

1:12this is it the best way for him to

1:14conquer his fears I’m thinking you know

1:17what there are community at classes for


1:32those who view walking by take a look up

1:35and you’ll see a man rappelling down the

1:36side of the ecolab building volunteering

1:39someone don’t even look up how busy can

1:42your life be that you don’t want to look

1:43at a guy climbing down the side of a

1:46building they must be lawyers


2:00all right like a Hogan said some people

2:05come to their fears by going whitewater

2:07rafting somebody swimming with sharks

2:11Michael decided to go over the side of

2:13the equal lab building because it’s

2:16happy to support the Northern Star comes

2:19upon the Boy Scouts of America feel like

2:22Robert oh I didn’t know it would take so

2:27much out of your arms in your hands we

2:32leave your 300 feet up in the air it’s

2:34hard to really think yeah other than

2:36just getting down look tell ya what it

2:38was great would you do to get no no it’s

2:45once a lifetime thing like they say