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Why Install a Buried Discharge System for Your Basement Waterproofing?

A comprehensive basement waterproofing system is vital for the integrity and longevity of your home. A key component of such a system is the discharge method, and here’s where Standard Water Control Systems steps in to offer a solution that’s functional and pleasing to the eye, and reliable – the buried discharge system.

Typical discharge systems involving external piping can be unsightly, creating potential tripping hazards and often succumbing to the rigors of weather and external conditions. Buried discharge systems by Standard Water Control Systems come with clear advantages:

  1. Aesthetically Pleasing: By moving the discharge pipe underground, you eliminate the snake of pipes on your lawn. This simple change can significantly improve the exterior aesthetics of your home, making it more appealing to both the homeowner and potential buyers.
  2. Space Efficiency: Without pipes on the surface to work around, you regain full use of your yard. You won’t have to maneuver around an above-ground pipe when mowing the lawn or playing with the kids.
  3. Safety: A buried discharge line means there’s one less tripping hazard to worry about for you and your family.

When you choose Standard Water Control Systems for your buried discharge system, you’re investing in quality and innovative design that includes:

  • Corrosion-Resistant Materials
  • Clog-Preventing Design
  • Expert Installation

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