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Why Rigid PVC Drain Tile?

A nice lady named Katrina just asked a very good question on our YouTube Channel. This gives me a chance to talk about why we do the things we do. She asked:

“I was told PVC piping is not to be used.  It’s supposed to be black perforated accordion-like piping; don’t know what it is called…????  I had this done to my basement.  I just watched Daniel J. Cooper’s 17 minute video & they use the black piping, as well.  Cooper says PVC piping is not to be used.”

I don’t know where Katrina is from so I may not be familiar with the codes in her area. If code says you can’t use PVC then you can’t use PVC. There is no other reason that would prevent someone from using it.

Here in Minnesota, it’s perfectly ok to use rigid pvc drain tile. We’ve been doing basement waterproofing since 1977 and have determined this is a better way to go.

The reason we use rigid pvc instead of the black pipe is flexibility … the black pipe tends to go into the trench like a roller coaster and water pools in the low spots. Added to that the ridges in the black pipe (about 1/4″ deep) hold additional water. Finally, the slots cut in the black pipe are rather narrow and we’ve seen them bridged and clogged by minerals a lot. If the slots are clogged, you system won’t work.

With rigid pipe you can ensure a steady downward slope of the pipe into the sump basket, there are no ridges or low spots to hold water, and the holes in the rigid pipe are much bigger so they don’t clog with minerals. Combine that with a proper drainage field (gravel) and you have a system that will run excellently for years and years.