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Yes, You Can Install Your New Egress Windows This Winter

Egress windows provide natural light and ventilation, but they are also an emergency exit in case of fire or other emergencies. Many homeowners wonder if it’s possible to have egress windows installed during the winter months. The answer is yes.

There are some factors to consider, one of the most obvious factors is the weather. Snow and freezing temperatures can make it difficult for installers to work, and may extend your installation timeline. 

Another factor to consider is the ground conditions outside. Egress windows require digging around the perimeter of your home’s foundation to create the necessary space for the window well. In winter, the ground can be frozen, making it more difficult to dig and requiring more effort and time to complete. 

To combat this Standard Water has specialized equipment that can help break through hard ground, making it possible to install egress windows even in the coldest months. This year may be ideal for winter installation since we have a powerful El Nino system keeping temperatures warmer.

Keep in mind your heating system should be in good working order to keep the inside of your home comfortable throughout the project. If your heating system isn’t functioning properly, or if you’re using space heaters in certain parts of your home, this can make it more challenging to maintain a comfortable temperature and ensure proper installation.

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