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We were blown away.
First Name: Tim

We picked Standard Water instead of two other companies that we were considering and we are glad we did.They arrived yesterday at about 8:20 and they were finished by 5:00. Very professional and courteous crew and they actually left the garage floor in a better state of cleanliness than when they got here.We will both enthusiastically recommend this great company.

Thanks For The Hard Work And Great Product. Can't Be Beat!
First Name: Brian

Incredible job. Finished a two day job in one. Much appreciated, especially around the holidays! Thanks for the hard work and great product. I am so relieved and excited to have a dry basement!

Waterproofing drain system, egress window, and three smaller glass block windows

We had a small amount of water constantly seeping in the basement for the last couple years. I also wanted new windows. He gave me the estimate and scheduled the job for the next week. Since I was getting windows and the drain tile system, it was scheduled for 3 days. 2 days for the drain tile system and 1 day for the egress window. The crew called each morning before they came. We have 2 small dogs and they were real good about closing the gate so we didn't lose them. Both the basement and yard were spotlessly clean when they left, you could not tell such a big job was done, only but the wonderful work they left behind. They completely finished the drain tile job by 4:30 the second day, including cleaning up, and 48 hours later the basement was completely dry and the musty smell was gone. I am so glad I did this job and that Standard Water Control did it for me. A bunch of extremely hard working guys.

I couldn't be happier

I bought a house a couple of years ago (an older home). Apparently the people who installed the previous drain tile didn't know what they were doing, or decided to do it for the short term. When it rained, water was coming in the basement under the floor (not walls). I decided that this year, i didn't want to repeat that, so I called around and found Standard Water Control Systems. They were very professional and sincere. I appreciated it. It was apparent to me that they were a quality, well run company that knew their business. The confidence, directness was appreciated. I felt that I was treated with the utmost of respect and dignity.

Like the job they did

Standard installed drain tile ~34 feet. I've got an 'L' shaped rambler with the crook in the 'L' catching a lot of water from the roof. There was 1/2 inch of water in the basement every time it rained hard. Demo team did a great job keeping things clean. They masked off living areas with poly. I did not notice any dust film after they completed the work. Finish team did a good job laying in the concrete. Finished product looks professional.

Standard Water is our Hero!

I just saw one of the Standard Water trucks in our neighborhood and it reminded me of how grateful I am that Standard Water came to our rescue! About 10 years ago they built a HUGE house next door to us and when the spring rains came our basement leaked for the first time since we'd moved in. We kept sopping up water from the carpeting after every rain. Finally, after a particularly heavy storm the sump basket just overflowed into our furnace room and out into the rest of the basement. We spent all night bailing water. The next day my husband started looking for someone to fix our problem. He also started talking to his friends and one recommended Standard Water. The salesman, Jim, came out, looked at our wet basement and told us he could help. He went through the process with us step by step and gave us an estimate. He was nice, knowledgeable and we felt comfortable with him right away. The crew came out a couple of weeks later and took about 2 days to do the work. They were very careful and tried as best they could to contain the mess and it is a pretty messy job. I have to say they did very well. We haven't had a basement water problem since. To this day we get notices and updates reminding us to check our sump pump as it ages. Last year they helped us change the check valve that wasn't closing properly and was making some noise. I can't imagine a better company to work with.Thanks,Anne

This was a highly professional job:

The entire process went amazingly well! Not only was the company here promptly whenever scheduled, but the installation of both systems were completely installed within one day, with day #2 for remaining clean-up and laying of concrete...
Because we live in a townhouse which borders on a city park, exterior treatment was VERY carefully accomplished - with plywood sheets laid on the grass to completely prevent lawn damage. In preparation for the work to be accomplished, huge sheets of plastic had been hung to totally cover EVERYTHING else in the basement...Amazingly, we had little dust remaining to clean-up!

I'm Very Happy!

I hired them based on price, professionalism and Angie’s List information. Some of their reports were negative but it helped me in dealing with them because it gave me some things to look out for. They were very willing to make small modifications in the plan for drainage without an additional charge and worked very diligently. I’m very happy.

Very professional

Install draintile throughout a larger basement (1000 sq. ft) after it had flooded. Gave us an estimate and were able to fit the work in earlier than anticipated. Very professional. A lot of unforseen problems arose (such as our floor slab being 16 inches as opposed to the normal 4 inches) that ran up costs - they probably ended up eating some of these unforseen costs as they didn't think it was fair to raise the amount of their estimate by so much money. We had a very positive experience and are looking forward to our basement never flooding again!

It was basement work they did

Standard Water Control Systems Inc. was fantastic and hardworking; got the job done.

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