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Sub-Slab Depressurization System

A subslab soil exhaust system can help reduce moisture and dampness.


A subslab soil exhaust system can help reduce moisture and dampness.

When to Call a Pro

Waterproofing systems are designed to solve a water problem. They are not designed to remove moisture and dampness the way a dehumidifier might. However, a dehumidifier is not a complete solution either because, as the dry air created by the dehumidifier can result in concrete spalling and efflorescence. A subslab soil exhaust system can help reduce moisture and dampness. Our waterproofing system is perfect for subslab soil exhaust because it is sealed. The system uses a fan and exhaust pipe to pull air out from under your basement floor or crawl space encapsulation, creating negative pressure and diverting the airflow beyond the roof. As a plus, a subslab soil exhaust system can help reduce soil gasses in the lowest level of your home. Check out the video and don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.

Our Solution

Moisture, Dampness, and Odor Problems

According to the University of Minnesota … “An active sub-slab depressurization system including a washed-rock layer below the slab is recommended. This draws moist air from beneath the slab and may help to reduce the amount of moisture vapor that enters the home through openings in the slab. It also assists in controlling radon and other soil gases. Sumps and other open connections to the soil outside the foundation and below the slab should be blocked and sealed.”  (full article here)

Subslab soil exhaust systems installed by Standard Water Control tie into the existing drain tile system, then exhaust beyond the roof with an inline fan which draws the moisture and soil gases out from underneath your home. The Standard Water Control subslab soil exhaust system includes installing seals on the sump pump basket system cover; a known entry point for moisture and such.

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