It’s part of our company mission to give back to the community. One of our sales team has his own project. We thought we should recognize his effort.

We’re proud to be part of  helping the Parks Foundation bring Little Free Libraries to every Minneapolis recreation center. Standard Water donated the posts and the lumber for the project. Their employees donated the time to build the stands and 2 weekends to install over 40 of them. You’ll see a gallery of pictures below.

It’s no secret the Como Zoo is a beneficiary of Standard Water’s charitable giving (just take a look at the other videos on this page). Here’s where that giving contributes far beyond the love of animals to caring for the entire community. When Standard donates to the only free zoo left in the country, the zoo gives them some really cool stuffed animals. Then Standard turns around a gives them to local police who use them to help calm children in stressful situations.

Standard Water Control believes it’s not enough to just do great work for our customers. We also give back to our community.

Standard Water’s President and his wife have been long time supporters of the Como Zoo, the last free zoo in the country. At a fundraising auction for the zoo, they bid on and won an item.

The auction item in question? An opportunity to rappel down the Ecolab tower in downtown Saint Paul … for Mike.

Here you can see Mike facing his fear of heights head on to support community organizations that he believes in!

We worked with the Sojourner Project for several years. We have also worked with the Minnesota legislature to ensure homeowners receive the finest services possible and reasonable prices.




Delivery to Children’s Hospital

As a result of our work with the Zoo we receive boxes full of wonderful stuffed animals that we like to give to kids who could use a day brightener. This year some of the toys went to Children’s Hospital in Minneapolis. Here are a few pictures from the delivery. The folks at the hospital were very appreciative and told us the kids would absolutely love these toys. What more could we ask?

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Como Park Zoo

Standard Water Control Systems, Inc. likes to take an active role in the communities we service. We are proud to help where we can, especially during these difficult economic times. The Como Zoo is one of the last free zoo’s in the country; they’re working extra hard and need out help.

The Zoo took in quite a number of animals from the Minot, ND Zoo due to the flooding last year. Not only that, but they’re building a new gorilla exhibit as well. All of this has put a strain on their budget and we’re committed to helping. In fact, we’ve been helping the Como Park Zoo for years.

The Zoo even had a special brick made to commorate our recent donations. You can see it here.

We encourage you to consider supporting the Como Park Zoo too. You can do so, securely online at the Zoo’s website.

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