Install A Healthy & Useable Crawlspace

Crawlspace encapsulation means eliminating wet crawlspaces and the health risks posed by critters and fungus. It is designed to improve the value of your home while ensuring the health of your family. As such, Standard Water Control has committed for more than 30 years to installing superior crawl space encapsulation systems for homeowners in Minnesota, Western Wisconsin, Iowa and the Dakotas.

First, our crew preps the crawlspace, cleaning out the debris and leveling the soil. Then we install our drain tile system including our Superior Sump SystemSM. The installation of drain tile helps to ensure your belongings will be safe from water damage.

Next, the sub slab ventilation/radon mitigation system is installed.

Standard Water Control is certified by the National Environmental Health Association (NEHA) as a residential radon mitigation provider. Standard Water Control’s sub slab ventilation system will draw out the damp smells, moisture, radon and other soil gasses and dispose of them safely outside your home; leaving you with a dry, comfortable space.

Standard Water Control’s heavy duty Diamond Brite Vapor GuardSM is then added to the floor and walls with a special adhesive to seal the seams. This unique barrier ensures permanent moisture control while adding light and beauty to a formerly dirty, dingy space. Diamond Brite Vapor GuardSM is tear and puncture resistant and meets fire code.

The result is a bright, safe, clean, useable crawl space where none existed before.

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