A Wet Basement Is Unacceptable

With today’s real estate market, every square foot of your home is valuable space that must be kept in usable condition.  What’s more is that if you’re looking to sell your home and you have a basement water problem, you MUST disclose that fact. A growing number of home buyers, mortgage and loan institutions, and real estate companies refuse to waste time and money in homes that have a leaky or wet basement.

Basement waterproofing solutions from Standard Water Control mean a wet basement — from damp floors and walls to rotting carpet and woodwork — no longer have to be tolerated.

For more than thirty years, homeowners in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, North

Dakota and South Dakota have trusted basement water control services and more from Standard Water Control to eliminate basement seepage problems efficiently and permanently. We proudly stamp our name on every job we do. When your basement displays our mark, you can build, remodel and sell with confidence.

As a part of every water control and removal solution Standard Water installs, we add dual discharge at no extra charge. A dual discharge allows for additional pumping capacity and means you can add a battery back up pump system at a later date.


Drain Tile Comparison 4:02 mins

Homeowner Confidential 1:30 mins

Our Solution 2:29 mins

Why Interior Draintile 8:21 mins

Why Standard Water 9:07 mins

Superior Sump System 2:26 mins

Dust Mitigation 1:40 mins

THR-Egress Windows

THR-Basement Waterproofing

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