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A Beginner’s Guide to Buried Discharge for Your Basement Waterproofing System

One of the issues homeowners have to deal with is a damp or flooded basement. It can be a headache and can even lead to structural damage if not attended to. Thankfully, basement waterproofing can do wonders in preventing water from seeping into your home’s basement. One of the most important components of a basement waterproofing system is the discharge system. Let’s find out why a buried discharge system is a good idea.

The key feature of the buried discharge system is that it is installed underground, making it less of an eyesore and less susceptible to damage. The pipe’s installation process involves digging a trench a few feet underground that is sloped away from the house. The pipe is then covered with soil and finished up with a small catch basin installed at the end to capture any potential debris and prevent clogging.

Buried discharge systems are a better alternative to traditional above-ground extensions for various reasons. They don’t work if they’re clogged, and that is less of an issue with a buried system. Since it is underground, it frees up space and doesn’t create an unsightly feature around the foundation of your home.

Another benefit of this system is that it helps prevent water from eroding the soil around your house’s foundation, which can cause structural damage and may compromise the structural integrity of your home over time.

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